PannonLog Kft. provides the following services:

helyszíni felmérés

Free on-site survey

Based on an oral description by the partner, our expert surveys the task on your site and recommends a tubular solution best suited to it. Based on the survey, he creates a conceptual plan and liaises with the partner.

3d tervezés

Producing 3D visual design

If our partner accepts the conceptual plan, our professional creates a 3D visual design. Based on the on-site survey and your requirements, we create a dimensioned visual design on your system.


Provision of the elements of the planned system

We undertake to procure all components necessary for the planned tubular system and transport them to the site. In order to determine the delivery and completion time, we accurately specify the undertaken deadline in the offer.


Assembly of the system

Our workers assemble and fine tune the system on site.


Consignment storage

If there is continuous use, we undertake to establish and operate a consignment warehouse, so we can provide quick and smooth service to our partners.