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PannonLog Kft., first in the market, sales change-over joins

The tubular systems we supply (Ø 27.8 mm) can be integrated with the higher diameter systems (Ø 28.6 mm) generally available in the markets.
The possibility to use these systems concurrently provides great assistance as well as safer and more cost-effective raw material procurement for the customers.

The aluminum tubular product D28 will be launched in the market

In order to extend our portfolio the aluminum tubular product D28will be launched in the market

The D28 system is widely used in manufacturing as it can be used to construct stands, carriages, containers and superstructures used in logistical and warehousing processes in manufacturing. The tubular systems used so far can be, to a limited extent, combined with the D28 system to be introduced.

The D28 system can be used to meet both the ESD requirements and the requirements of big static impacts.

rolling logistics products,
with optional docking

- Towable "E" frame for the docking of the following storage trolleys with supporting surface dimensioning: 1200mm x 1000mm, 1200mm x 800mm, 800mm x 600mm storage trolley
  • The towable "E" frame and its dockable storage trolley are completely mechanically operated, maintenance-free devices
  • Short delivery deadline
  • Affordable price
  • Optional handle to storage trolleys (fixed and removable design)
  • The loading capacity of the storage trolleys are always adjusted to the requirements
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